The Korea Real Estate Analysts Association (KREAA) was founded in 1994 in the objective of commitment to analyze real estate market in Korea, government policy and private sector plans for real estate development.

KREAA is dedicated to promoting and advancing the real estate discipline and specifically property based research throughout South Korea. The association incorporates national research societies, academic researchers, practitioners and doctoral students engaged in real estate. The core activities of KREAA include an annual conference, industry and policy discussion seminars. KREAA's journal, Journal of Korea Real Estate Analyst Association, is published quarterly and is distributed on a calendar year subscription basis. The journal contains research and scholarly studies of current and emerging real estate issues. Special issues are occasionally published to focus on a particular topic of current interest.

  • The purposes of KREAA are:
  • •Promoting the development of high-quality research that extends the frontier of real estate knowledge
  • •Promoting the understanding of basic and applied research and of sound real estate practices
  • •Enhancing the quality and relevance of education in real estate
  • •Providing opportunities for professional interaction between and among academics, practitioners, and students

KREAA pursues international networking which provides a wider contact base in real estate co-operation at a global level. The association has an official sisterhood relationship with the Asian Real Estate Society (AsRES), the American Real Estate and Urban Economics (AREUEA) and the International Real Estate Society (IRES). KREAA held the AsRES and AREUEA Joint International Conferences in Seoul 2002 and Jeju 2011.